Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Financial situation

I've got to be honest with myself:

It is very, very possible that money could be what stops me from completing this program. I have enough money to complete Buenos Aires but then that's it. I will have literally zero dollars :(

Trying to figure out a scholarship to apply for

possibly a loan

working in Argentina/India probably not the most lucrative idea...

My one dream in the world is to be able to study without focusing on having to support myself, for once in my life. Mostly just to see what I'm capable of when I don't have a 20-30 hour work week on top of classes.

Anyways to that end, I made this website page to help raise funds:

It's taken a lot to get me to the point where I'm asking for help (because I've done everything thus far by myself and was hoping to keep it that way) BUT I guess we'll just see what comes out of it.

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