Sunday, August 11, 2013

Estoy aqui!

And so my trip began

 finally managed to get everything packed away :)

After a harrowing 25 hours of flying, running to gates, not getting let on to flights, losing things, finding things and barely making it, I finally arrived in Buenos Aires! Everything would be pretty much perfect if I hadn't lost my luggage...and there wasn't this burning pain in what I think is my right lung....


Oh well...

My apartment is artsy and awesome and full of interesting people. Most of us are from my program but there are a few new folks.

 It definitely gives me sort of a hostel vibe

I spent today figuring out how to exchange dollars into pesos via the unofficial rate..which entails knowing a guy who knows a guy and then sketchily meeting with him at an agreed upon time/place. This might be questionably legal but it also means I get 2 pesos more per dollar which is a great help, especially where I'm at.

Tomorrow I have a Spanish test and the first meeting of the GSP folks which should be really exciting. There are people coming from the GSP programs at Bologna university in Italy and Freiburg in's going to be a pretty diverse group. Looking forward to it :)

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