Sunday, November 24, 2013

Radio show

A few weeks ago, we had to give a presentation for our class on research methodologies. I decided to do my proposal on the actual topic of my master's thesis: study abroad. After many technical difficulties and interruptions, my presentation was over and our Professor offered his feedback. One of the most valuable things he mentioned was that one of his PhD students is currently writing his dissertation on a similar topic to mine. He offered me his contact info and of course I jumped on the opportunity and sent him an email. Funnily enough, the PhD student happened to be an American who co-hosts an English-speaking radio show here in  Buenos Aires and asked me if I'd like to be interviewed. I hesitantly said yes (one of the stipulations was to be an "expert" on something, which I'm pretty sure I'm not). I headed out to Palermo the following Tuesday to meet up with him for coffee, talk about the show and discuss our research. It turns out that they  wanted to talk less about the Global Studies Program, and more about my experience comparing Buenos Aires, Heidelberg, Berlin and San Francisco, and, for some reason, the Queer scene in each city.

The venue where the interview took place was gorgeous. It was a joint cafe-radio broadcasting studio, that was designed and initially conceived as it is now, instead of being converted later. Here is the foyer/entrance for the cafe area.

The rest of the building is a restaurant dining area on one side and recording/broadcasting studios along the other side. All in all, the ambience was great

Really cool, super high-tech recording equipment stuff juxtaposed by chicy-chic eatery
Also, there was a cool upper floor terrace overlooking a small area that I assume could be used for live performances

And this is where the actual interview took place
And aside from a few minor blunders on my part (two minutes to answer that last question!), I think I did an okay job of saying things that needed to be said. I was definitely grateful to be a part of the experience and think that it was a cool opportunity to do something new here in Argentina :)

Here is the link to a recording of the interview. It's under "Global Studies Nov", lasts about an hour and starts after about 3 minutes of advertising.

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