Wednesday, October 1, 2014


After realizing that I am indeed able to pay rent this (and next!) month, I came to the conclusion that I am in a really good place. I have at least one awesome job and am possibly going to get another. I went to the doctor this morning and everything was normal. The weather is nice. Things are generally pleasant.

I'm also really grateful for the support that I've gotten out of the blue from my family and a family friend. They made it possible for me to replace my somewhat broken computer which I was, of course, low-key worried about, as one generally needs a computer to do things like write a Master's thesis. So thanks for that!

Here it is, the beautiful tablet/notebook. I'm on the cusp of wondering if it was really necessary to get something this expensive but, it's going to be so practical. I've been a bit obsessed with all the features. It comes with Microsoft office, which is great because I've been really irritated with LibreOffice's compatibility issues. I'm using this app called Docear that appeals to my neuroses about having things in order. PDFs! Notation! Organizing! So good. Also, Microsoft OneNote will be invaluable when I actually do the interviews because you can record and take notes at the same time, then connect the point in the recording with what you've written. Oh, technology. It really brings out the consumer in me. Oh well, like I said: I'm really content right now. 

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