Monday, January 26, 2015

Und in einem Monat, sieht die Welt ganz anders aus

And next month, everything will look totally different...

     Wise words from someone I've been spending a lot of time with. Everything is moving so quickly. I have deadlines coming up for applications, and this weekend I couldn't really devote much time to anything other than this conference where I was helping out. I did, however, manage to go to a YFU (one of my organization's partners) event, where a professor of Universität Mainz held a speech on a topic similar to that of my thesis. It was a great opportunity to learn and network. I even managed to get a couple of cards from representatives of the US embassy, which could turn into valuable contacts in the future. Everyone seemed to be respond really positively when I talked about my topic and potential findings. "I can't wait for the results" was something I heard more than once. neither, I guess.
      There's still this slight sensation of  "am I doing this right? What if it turns out to be completely useless?" But, I suppose that's normal. Doubts are a part of life. I literally have no idea what I'm going to be doing after September. I could be in Cairo, Berlin, Gießen, Bremen, Leipzig, San Francisco, or even Heidelberg again. I just don't know. It's simultaneously exciting and terrifying. 


  1. i'm roooting for you (also san francisco!)

  2. except I don't really want to live in San Francisco...too expensive and none of my friends live there anymore :/