Friday, February 27, 2015


and I'm really not into it. I can't sing or talk. I can't hang out with friends. I can't do the stuff I need to do.

My head is full of fuzz and my body is achy. Blegh. I am probably one of the complainiest sick people on this planet. I'm just so BORED.

In other news...I've done literally nothing at all. Well, that's not true. I've gotten 52 out of the 100 interviews I'm supposed to get done. I posted an event in the alumni facebook group of my organization, asking people to kindly stop being selfish and do something for the organization that gave them thousands of Euros and a chance to better their lives. Will see how successful nagging them in this way is going to be.

I'm going on a trip to Rome, to visit a friend from my undergrad that I haven't seen in years. Hopefully I'll be completely healthy by the time that rolls around. Another thing about this being sick business: stuff I don't  normally do (travel, go on dates, stay out late at night, etc.) has been popping up and I am literally physically incapable of doing it. Ugh.

So, in conclusion, waah waah I wish I was healthy and that my thesis would write itself. 

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