Wednesday, April 15, 2015

House-sitting and thesis-writing

Here I am, somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin, taking care of one small dog and four small cats.

I'm sitting on the balcony. It's currently 22° and this makes me happy beyond measure. I've really come to notice how utterly correlated the temperature is with my mood. Sun out = smiles.

I was expecting to get a few things done out here. Mostly just starting the actual writing part of my thesis. It's gone well these last couple days. I have an unedited 10 pages done so far which is 1/6th of the way there. I hope to be able to maintain this pace and be completely done by June.

Which leads me to the next question: what next?

I've received two rejection letters from potential PhD programs thus far. It's not a great feeling but, in comparison to applying for my master's, it's not really that bad. I know I have options. I speak 3 languages fluently, I'll have a degree from two prestigious universities in different countries, I'm hustlin and I'll find something. I'd just like for it to manifest itself sooner rather than later. 

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