Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brief week in Berlin

 Probably all too brief. I had purchased a round-trip ticket from Berlin to Buenos Aires (because it was cheaper), which meant that from December 10th until December 17th, I was all up in Berlin.
I took this picture on the way to a job interview on my last day...yep. I was trying to keep it jam-packed. 

playing reindeer games and whatnot

But then, after all of the festivities, it was time to go. I somehow managed to get myself to the airport. The (giant) suitcase got there with the help of very good friends. I'm ever grateful for the support system I've found. Now, I find myself in India...
I will write a more extensive post about my first impressions. I'm not entirely sure that coming here at this point was such a good idea...because reasons. India at this point is not turning out to be so !ncredible...

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  1. ooopsies. ya win some, ya lose some....at least the wild dogs can't bite thru ur bitchen boots!!!