Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First impressions of India

It has been a difficult week. I am so overwhelmed by all that has happened and I'm fairly sure that, given my current state of transition, I very well won't receive the well needed time/energy/coddling to really get back to 100%. Oh well. I can't even really flesh this out into a fully fledged blog post. No pictures because my iPod (my excuse for a camera) may or may not have finally died.

negative things:
Sick. To the gods above, am I sick. Cold/throat/fluids/nose/Delhi Belly/other places SICK.
it is also very COLD. Freezing to the point where I am angry about it. And it won't stop for like a month, allegedly.
I have the feeling here that everyone here is trying to fleece me/doesn't care about what happens/ignores me once they figure out I can't speak Hindi
I got bit by a FUCKING DOG.
The ensuing rabies vaccination was painful and continues to ache in the tender spot where it was given (read: my butt cheek)
the bed where I'm staying vacillates from "GOD WHY" to juuuuuust shy of being too uncomfortable to sleep in

positive things:
I am learning how to "India"
I'm getting a good sense of what the campus will be like
I met the primos from my very good friend's friend in Buenos Aires. They are AMAZING people.
I am not sleeping outside.
I washed my hands with hot water and it was better than sex.
I am getting all of the sickness and confusion out of the way, so that when everyone is here I will be able to offer advice/medicine/forlorn, bitter condolences
I may (if I can get myself together) be able to find an apartment
There is Wifi. Sweet, sweet Wifi.

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