Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hostel night

Yesterday was the "Hostel night" for a friend's dormitory. He cordially invited me and another person from our program, which was very nice of him. "Hostel night" means that each person can buy tickets to attend a fancy-schmancy dinner that is coordinated for the residents of that dormitory. The food was quite good. I managed to eat too much and didn't end up staying for the dance party afterwards but it was an okay night

The theme was apparently "nostalgia" which I didn't really understand but I guess makes sense if you've lived in the hostel for more than this year...

The night got quite crowded. So many people in their fancy clothes eating their fancy food in the fancy atmosphere.
I quite liked this piece of art made of colored powder on the ground. It's very transitory and to me represents the fact that nothing is permanent. I'm sick right now and not in the best mood so it was a nice reminder at the end of the night. 

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  1. tooot sweet! i dunno why i said that but it seemed to fit....i like how u managed to eat too muchingz. good job!