Sunday, February 2, 2014

Political life

 The student body at this campus is very, very active in terms of political activism. Here is a photo of a performance of revolutionary songs and speeches. It's nice to be on campus and really get to see and be involved in all of the happenings.
I must admit, the campus does seem to be a bit of a bubble. It's different from the rest of Delhi (a lot safer, not as much glaring poverty, etc.) This also means getting outside of JNU is a bit of a trek. Last weekend, a few of us went to protest several injustices within India that coincided with "Republic Day", a very patriotic celebration of India's constitution
On the way to the counter-parade, we saw a lot of Indian flags as well as floats. I wasn't quick enough to get a picture of the floats but they were pretty extravagant. 

Here is a picture of the symbol of the theme of this march. I really love how inclusive it is, with many aspects of the diversity of the country represented visually. Many organizations came together to protest the patriarchal, systemic injustices perpetuated by the government and some of the people of India. One of the many important issues addressed by the movement was Section 377, a portion of the constitution that criminalizes "sexual acts against the orders of nature". The language of the actual section of the penal code doesn't specify the "criminals" against which it acts but the law seems to ignore any possible application towards heterosexual sex acts (or even sex acts between two women) and stigmatizes male/male interactions. Unfortunately, there was a review of this section on the 28th of January that was dismissed by the Indian Supreme court and I'm not entirely sure what happens now. Hopefully, the people who are fighting this intense battle will turn out victorious. 

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