Sunday, March 9, 2014


The scene of the incident. 

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Last weekend, I finally resolved to shave my head completely. Well, actually, I had decided long ago but a friend of mine from China mentioned that during the first month of the lunar calendar, it's bad luck to cut your hair. I'd noticed that there is a patch on the back of my head that doesn't grow hair quite as proficiently as the rest of it so the combination of my personal vanity and defeatist attitude led me to the only logical recourse: cue-ballin' it. 

It was also interesting on a cultural level, as I had seen the barbershop on campus and wondered just how much the experience differs from getting your hair cut in Germany or in the United States (I didn't have the opportunity in Argentina).
The stylistic fashion-consultant/hair artist dude began the entire process by lathering me up with some sort of foam and then tackling my thinning but admittedly still wild hair with an old-fashioned straight razor. 

Here is a picture before the whole thing started

Here I am with the look that I will most likely return to because I prefer not shaving my face to shaving my face...or in other words: laziness. 

All in all, I've gotten mixed results including:

"What have you DONE to yourself?!"

"Oh, looks nice"

"You look like a Black Nazi"  (????)

"I don't know...."

"Oh, it's you! I didn't recognize you"

Some people have said now that it's starting to grow back in, that it fits my face. I think I'm going to go back to having no hair on my head other than my eyebrows a couple of times before I leave India. The one thing I like about it: it's quite cool. My internal temperature is basically that of a reptile so, when it starts getting hot (next weekish) I will be able to sun myself on a rock in the jungle while digesting my food. Mmmmmm...

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  1. You look really great, Gian! Younger, in fact. You give me hope that when I do that someday -- out of a similar genetic necessity -- it won't look so bad. Though maybe complexion is a factor...