Saturday, March 15, 2014

So many pictures

So many things! This week, I got my first experience speaking at an academic panel (even if it was just reading the introductions...haha) The GSP program coordinator was roaming the halls about 5 minutes before it started, looking for one of us to introduce the speakers. Despite being not dressed up at all (note the T-shirt), I said I would do it if she couldn't find anyone else. And then this happened:

It was a talk about globalization and cities, specifically Mumbai and Delhi. Both the speaker and discussant had published numerous works on the topic and offered various viewpoints on the distinctions between the global north and global south. The talk, like many things at JNU, gave me a lot to think about especially in terms of my academic future. 

Another hostel night! Fooooooooooood....So good. Despite weird feelings from the person/people with whom I was spending my night, it was in general a very pleasant atmosphere. I managed to get home at 3am, which wasn't so ideal for the tour of Delhi planned for the following morning.

I still somehow woke up at 7, ate breakfast and coerced a friend into coming with me. On the schedule: Mughal Gardens, Purana Qila and Tughlaqabad. I took a lot more pictures than I normally would have. This makes sense, I guess, because we were out and about for 8 hours. The whole trip, organized by the International Student Association, gave us the opportunity to see things I wouldn't have had the motivation to undertake seeing myself. I'm glad I got to see these sites, especially Tughlaqabad. The view of Delhi was amazing!

Funnily enough, cameras were not allowed in Mughal gardens. After a while though, I started noticing that everyone was taking pictures with their phones. They didn't ask me to put my ipod in my bag so I just started snapping away. Apparently there are around 400 types of flowers within the gardens. 


Purana Qila was pretty cool too. It's the oldest structure in all of Delhi and was right by the zoo, which is where we ate lunch afterwards. 


At this point, we had been underway for about 5 hours and I was getting pretty tired. I'm so glad I decided to stick with it because Tughlaqabad was amazing. There were underground tunnels and the view of Delhi at the top was breathtaking.


Being on campus is great and all but I'm glad we were presented with this opportunity to leave the comfort zone of JNU and get a chance to see the city. It was good to enjoy the sunshine and see a little bit of what Delhi was to offer.


  1. We looked at all the pix & Jaed said "i MISS brother....he has NO Hair!!" hahahahaha....glad u got outta the compound/JNU :o]

  2. You definitely have to get out of campus and discover Delhi! SO much to see!