Wednesday, May 14, 2014

bleh sick

It was inevitable.
After the compounded stress of finals and preparing for my transition back to Germany, my body finally gave up its valiant effort to keep me healthy. At the end of last week, I was feeling strange but not strange enough to stop me from going about my normal routine. Then this weekend BOOM. aaaaallll kindsa stomach issues that are probably not appropriate to post in a blog read by young and impressionable readers. I've been eating nothing but bread and bananas and drinking a lot of water but it still hasn't gone away. Despite this unpleasant cloud over my life, I've managed to secure an internship at a media production company in Berlin. This goes (somewhat) with the other internship that I did during the first semester so this could be considered career building. Not sure exactly how all that works but I guess we'll see.
Basically, all I've been doing the last few days is reading things that I want (!), playing video games, trying to get my German affairs in order and resting up while trying to get healthy. It's not so bad. 

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