Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the easy

Three down and one to go. I am in the home stretch of exams. This last semester has made me think about university and education and knowledge and morals and subjectivity and grades and self-worth more than any other semester in recent memory.

It's a lot of thoughts.

I took an exam yesterday. I thought I did okay but I've come to realize that it doesn't really matter what I think when it comes to grading. The whole scale is quite subjective. Especially when there are two (or three, technically) scales involved. The Indian teachers are grading a student raised in the American grading system whose grades will be translated into a German GPA. It's all very tiring. Oh well, there's not much I can do besides wait and see what happens.

In other news, I haven't been doing much besides studying, eating, yoga and working out. Oh, and looking for a job in Berlin. That is one thing that I'm (surprisingly) not worried about. I just have to be proactive and something will come up. One thing that I KNOW that I'm good at: hustlin and makin it work. In comparison to almost all other things where I'm not quite sure of my own competence, haha. I have less than three weeks and then back to Deutschland!

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