Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend side hustle

Man. This weekend was pretty intense.

I decided to go out (I know, right?) and ended up waiting in line, getting hit on by a French chick that said she liked "brown sugars", found twenty Euro while waiting, danced until 5 in the morning and then went home and slept for like 6 hours. It was wild.

Also, this Saturday I worked the coat check for a friend's party randomly. It was exactly as hard as you imagine it would be: not very. Except for when people get all uppity because they don't want to pay a Euro fifty to have someone watch their stuff. Or when people want to get something out of their bag but then have me put it back. Or when people have like 10 layers, their girlfriend's purse, a fanny pack, and two-and-a-half scarves and only want to pay for one thing. But, other than that it's mostly just sitting around and whatnot.

Now, my weekend is coming to a close. I should probably do something but, that would require energy that I spent being a young person doing young people things. 

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