Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ich will nicht ein Stück vom Kuchen. Ich will die ganze Bäckerei

Hustlin, Hustlin, Hustlin. I'd almost be defeated if I wasn't so good at it. Makin' that money, talkin to people, getting stuff to happen. Like job interviews! And little gigs, Like taking a market survey (16 euros) or doing the coat check at my friend's club party (36 euros).

This whole internship experience has been not so much eye-opening as disappointingly unsurprising. 

I'm finally done. I don’t really know what I was expecting...the whole experience really confirmed that I am not the kind of person that does the whole 9 to 5 thing well. I ended up getting something out of it but, after they wanted to hire (read: continue exploiting) me for less than minimum wage, I decided not to continue.

It's just sad that this is the capitalist mentality. I translate. Not something that everyone can do, and yet the offer they made was 7.5 Euros per hour, which is less than some of my friends make working at cafés. Aside from that, being only able to work 20 hours per week would mean that I couldn't live from that. I mean literally afford groceries, rent, health insurance, phone, etc. 

 So now, I’m on the search for another job. No room to make a mistake, I need to do this NOW. It’s that paycheck to paycheck life. Good thing I’m used to it.


  1. gooooood thing. some chick on facebook commented "don't give up too soon gian" and i wanted to say "ummm...have u Met him??!"


    36 euros/bux!~

    1. ummm...changapeluda, of course I met HIM!! :)