Monday, September 8, 2014

jawb job jobby jobberton job

I have sent out around 80 emails looking for something to do so that people that want me to do that thing will give me money for it. Mostly translation, English-speaking jobs, working at caf├ęs, and the like. It is exhausting. One thing I'm not the biggest fan of: Trial days. Germany had this wonderful idea that people should do unpaid Probetage to find out if my employment could possibly benefit the company. Meaning I've wasted more than ten hours pretending to be somewhere of my own free will, just for someone to decide "it's just not the right fit". My favorites included the time I went to an English-speaking interview to work for Netflix, with an English aptitude test during the first round only to find that it would be customer support in German. And that my German was "excellent but not good enough"....Okay. Or the time when I went to one of the fancy parts of the city (45 minutes there and back) only to be told in a five minute interview that the job might be too difficult. "It's a shame but sorry, I don't think this will work out."
Luckily, thanks to the glorious powers of Vitamin B (B for German) I was offered a position to work for the Kinderstiftung whose original job offer I turned down for various reasons. This gig is actually going to be legit. Essentially, I'll write my thesis on their organization, they'll pay me, and I get an office and resources to do a kick-ass project. I'm so happy that finally be able to get paid for doing something I actually want to do!

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