Saturday, September 19, 2015

I'm going back and forth

on coming back to Berlin after I go to the US for a month (ha. see what I did there?) My plan is...I don't go there from the 26th of September to the 21st of October. At least I'm looking forward to seeing my family and friends and eating food and enjoying California weather.

The scholarship committee pushed back their decision date. I won't know now until September 29th. Also, the final transcript of my MA will probably not be ready for the official admission to the PhD program on the 19th of October. I have my appointment with the foreigner office on the 10th of November, which is just inconvenient because I might not get my visa extended and then have to leave the country after being back in Berlin for two weeks. (also finding an apartment? buh)

In the past three weeks, I've applied for about 50 jobs in the US, Germany, and a couple of other places. So far, all I've made it to is the second round of a mostly unpaid position in Peru, which would be cool other than the no money part. All the other things are mired in bureaucracy, meaning I will have to wait until mid to late October to hear back. I also have an interview next week for a job at a bookstore in Berlin to keep me afloat, should I decide to come back and the person in the foreigner office decides to be merciful. There are so many uncertainties and I feel defeated and overwhelmed. It's all like a giant chain of events/syllogism: If A, then B, then C but if not A but B, then not C and also if 4 then 9 and purple but also § and ?..... oh :(

It's possibly my last weekend living in Berlin, and my throat hurts and I'm just laying here, spinning my bogged-down wheels and sifting through stale job ads. Hope something gives soon. 

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