Saturday, September 26, 2015

Last (?) blog from Berlin

And, as is tradition with this blog, here is a picture of my freshly packed Koffer

I've lived in this room for the last 15 months. I don't feel weird about leaving it per se, it's more of a strange feeling of going on to the next chapter of my life without exactly knowing what that chapter is going to look like. I've been hearing from friends and family and people who love me that everything is going to turn out okay.

So far, I've sent out 104 applications for jobs in the US, Germany, and other countries. It's all a bit nerve-wracking and I don't know what's going to happen. But, I feel like with my experience and degrees and languages and motivation, the only thing that could go wrong is I somehow fail to represent that in my resume or my cover letter doesn't convey it correctly for whatever reason. It's there; I know it is, I just hope someone recognizes it.

It kind of all boils down to waiting to hear back about that scholarship from the University. If they say yes, then all of this frantic applying will have been for naught. If they say no (which is likely), hopefully one of my attempts to find gainful employment will be fruitful.

I suppose I will know more after next Tuesday.

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  1. ha, i'll gladly pay u tuesday for a hamburger Today