Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I did that. A few days ago, actually. It was quite the ordeal.

Near the beginning of the month, I decided that the place where I was living wasn't exactly right for me. A bit too loud, not enough Spanish, etc. I told my landlord that I was moving out and everything was fine. I found a place with a nice Argentinian roommate who told me I could move in September 1st. We maintained contact and I got excited to finally get settled into my semi-permanent residence. No problem, right? Wrong! I send him an email about 3 days before I was set to move, asking for the key. He responded with "I need to tell you something...." Long story short; his cousin needed a place to stay leaving me with 3 days to play the "let's not be homeless" game. Too bad for you, Buenos Aires. I'm super good at that game. So i neurosesed-out and emailed literally (figuratively) everyone. And the next day I found a place soooo crisis averted. whew!

In other news, I've been trying to do stuff amidst reading many, many pages for school. Here is a protest I stumbled upon going down one of the main streets of Buenos Aires (conveniently near my new apartment)

It was quite a shock. All of a sudden: noises! and people! and flags, so many flaaaags!!

It's been quite an adventure. Speaking of new things, I also managed to find a new translating gig! It was a funny coincidence. I was looking at Craigslist and saw an ad for someone looking for translating experience and strong Spanish. While my Spanish isn't exactly what you would call "strong" (I'm working on it) I do have a lot of translation experience with German. So, I sent an email explaining that and it turns out  a German to English translator was needed as well! It all went quite fast, the guy who runs the agency was very personable and now I have 8000 words to translate by addition to all the reading and whatnot. Luckily (?) we just had a test so there isn't anything big to prepare for on the horizon but it's still good to stay on top of things. 

I'll end the post with this picture of the beautiful kinetic sculpture in the heart of Buenos Aires. I had the good fortune to have a new friend of mine show me around the area. We drank mate on the grass nearby. Todo piola :)

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