Thursday, September 19, 2013

why am I happy?

After recently reading this article about the problems of my generation (the GYSPSYS), I gave pause and reflected upon the assertions made by the author and how they pertain to me. I certainly don't believe myself to be superior to others but, I have often hoped that I'm different, or special, or what have you. At least I try to be.

Then, I happened upon this article and considered the (admittedly defensive and priviledged) response. It highlights some valid points in that it says that not everyone feels "entitled" and that certain rights are inalienable. While I agree on some level, I don't think that some of the points of the former article are invalid...

Of course, both of these articles are really only relevant if I think of myself as UNhappy. Which I'm not! Of course, there are things that I would change about my life (i.e. Im always tired, I have social anxiety and am not sure what I'm doing at any given moment) but I think, in general that I am a satisfied person. Someone referred to me as the "exception that proves the rule" of the first article. Im not entirely sure what that means. I know that I am fortunate, and exceptionally so, to be doing what I am doing. Learning languages and living and working in a foreign country is EXACTLY what I need right now. Not many people can say they are getting that. I must say, I'm quite pleased with how this is turning out.

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