Friday, September 13, 2013

what a difference

a day makes.
gainful employment makes
warm weather makes.

I went out with a new friend to a museum near Plaza Francia as well as the cemetary where Eva Peron is buried. It was quite beautiful...the only photo I took was this:

from the top of the museum overlooking towards the Law faculty of the Universidad de Buenos Aires. It was quite a nice, warm day. 

I've now entered a period with which I am comfortable: flourishing in a foreign country. I managed to find a well-paying job, to set up my time so that I can do everything I need to and to be able to enjoy things. I'm finally starting to get what I need out of this whole experience. I'm going to use the money that I'm earning to buy delicious food and my ticket to India. This degree is going to happen.

Which isn't to say that everything is perfect. The next wave of classes that I'm taking is rather less than ideal. It seems as though, although the teachers know a lot, they lack the capacity to communicate it in an effective way. I am most disappointed by the offering of the class "Latin american culture and identity". Such promise and yet it is proving to be severely underwhelming. In addition to the huge amount of (mostly unnecessary) reading, I think that the academic aspect of my life is taking a backseat to the largely positive other aspects. Like my roommate, for example. He is proving to be the best shared living experience I've had so far.

Despite all of the difficult stuff in my life, I really DO enjoy it.

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