Friday, October 11, 2013

Not doing things

So I've been in this whole phase of instead of wanting to do things...I want to But then I end up doing them and am grateful that I did. Some examples include: going out to a club with some Brazilian friends, starting to research my master's thesis, working out and, most recently, making pancakes for dinner. All of those things (except maybe the club night) had a beneficial effect on my life. So, I'm thinking I need to start dealing with my lack of motivation. Go go go!

It has finally gotten a bit warmer here, after a brief stint of rain, and I couldn't be more relieved. I have come to realize that my mood is probably completely dependent upon the presence of the sun. If it's there, I'm good. If not...well...ya know.

I finally decided to go to the most beautiful bookstore in Buenos Aires: "El Ateneo". This was part of my anti-not-doing-things effort and I think it was mostly successful. Here are the pictures I took

Oh, also I bought my ticket to India! That is I thing. And I did it.

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