Monday, October 28, 2013


Last Friday, our group was lucky enough to have the opportunity to make a day trip to the delta. The place, Tigre, has a system of canals and areas that are only accessible by boat. It was a great time that was only marginally dampened by a small amount of rain. Here is a picture of the train station (which I had also never been to) that reminded me of the large train stations in Europe.

After a perilous and slightly moist excursion on a very loud boat, we ended up in a beautiful location that I unfortunately was too distracted to take pictures of. I did manage to get some pictures of the natural area behind our beautiful locale. Here is the boat ride:

And here is the lovely marshland (?) behind the place where most of our festivities took place. 
We had a nice meal, chatted and enjoyed the various amenities including hammocks and comfortable chairs. The others played volleyball while I watched (I still have no hand-eye coordination) and mostly enjoyed the experience of being outside of the city for a while. I'm mostly grateful because it's not something I would have necessarily chosen myself but I'm glad I got the experience to do. 

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