Sunday, April 13, 2014

39 days left

I'm incrementally getting slowly closer to maybe being close to kind of getting done. Like I've said a thousand times over, this semester has definitely been the most academically stimulating. I'm currently in the process or writing final papers for my classes. It's actually going quite well. I tried to get a lot done before going to Varanasi so luckily everything is falling into place.

Fun stuff has been going on. This wednesday, I was a speaker on a panel. The topic was "Opportunity or Problem to be a foreign national". The whole thing was a bit haphazard but ended up okay. No audience members were hurt or maimed in the process of me giving my impromptu speech that was basically "hey...I'm Gian...I do GSP...Berlin, Argentina, India...they're nice. Transnational capital, people having privilege blahblahblah"...anyways here are some pictures

The other speakers were a former Gspian who is now living in India, a Korean girl who they asked to do it a few minutes beforehand, the very articulate Dr. Rehka who I know from the German book club and Dr. Sahni who was really legit. All in all, I think it was a good experience. 

Other than that, I also got my (probably last) opportunity to go to a hostel cultural night. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of that but it was the same old spiel: nice food, belly ache probably from eating too much, people dancing and talking to random folks. It was nice to do something on the weekend. 

I've realized that I only have 39 days left. I'd better make the most of them! I'm 100% sure that I'm going to miss India when I leave. 

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